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Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Sport and Health Leaders

Fun activities


This week’s health and activity post is all about different activities you can try at home and at school. Some things that you could try are school clubs during lunch and after school. There are some good clubs you could get involved in like football, dodge ball, tennis and we will make sure you are having fun doing it. Keeping fit isn’t just about doing sports it is about eating healthy. The way you eat it very important and it helps your heath so you don’t get poorly inside.

Eating healthy


Eating healthy is very important; you can have the occasional sweet thing but make sure you don’t eat too much sugar or salt. Eating healthy isn’t always fun but while you are eating healthy to take your mind of food you can try activities or games we are linked with change 4 life so we try and use activities in our clubs which we will be starting soon. We hope you join our clubs and do more activities and eat healthy!!