Wishing all our families and children a very Happy Summer Break. School resumes for children on Monday 4th September at 8:45am.
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Achieving Success Together


Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 1

Year 1 Staff

Year 1 Teacher is Miss Mia Taylor.

Year 1 Teaching Assistants are Mrs Elena Greaves and Miss Catherine Randall.

Year 1 visited Legoland to find out more about toys. They enjoyed learning all about one of the most popular toys and even got to build some of their own Lego cars.
Year 1 went to the Frogmore Mill to learn all about how paper used to be made. They had a go at making some paper themselves.
Year 1 have been weighing objects in Maths. They had to try and find a number of items to make 100g, 200g and 500g. They also had to estimate how many cubes an object would weigh and then measure how many it actually weighed. 
Year 1 did some sandwich making. They got to make their own sandwich and add the different healthy ingredients. They then got to make a box to take their sandwich home in.
Year 1 went on a trip to Tesco. They got to look around the store. They had to identify some different fruits and vegetables by the colour. They then got to go in the fridge and freezer in the back of the store. Upstairs they got to try lots of different foods and got challenged to try some at home too.

Science and Technology Week

In Science and Technology week year look at the book The man on the moon. They did some different activities pretending to be astronauts. They created their own planets and then made them out of papier mache. 
Year 1 went on a trip to Ashridge Estate. We did lots of activities there and even went on a hunt! We had to plot the coordinates on the grid and then go and look for the hidden letters to find the answers. We also had a look at lots of different leaves and nuts trying to identify which tree they came from.
In Computing children had to give each other instructions just like they would on a computer. They had to make their partner get around the adventure and the classroom by giving them specific instructions.

Walk Around Boxmoor

Year One went on a walk around Boxmoor. We had a look at all the different houses and how they are different. We talked about whether the buildings might be old or new and what they might be used for.

Year One have been doing some Gymnastics in PE. They have created their own balances making sure they are support and holding each other. They made sure each person in their group was touching.

Autumn Term Newsletter

In Science we have started looking at leaves and trees. We learnt about the two types of trees and then went on a tree hunt. We used sheets to find different leaves to identify what the tree was called.
In Topic work this week the children have been thinking about their houses and what they are like. They had the chance to build their house with lego, draw it on paper, use the whiteboards, create a picture on the computers or use the role play area to pretend they were at home.

Meet the teacher presentation

For anyone that was unable to attend 'Meet the teacher', I have attached the slides shown for you to look at.