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Achieving Success Together


Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 1

Year 1 Staff

Year 1 Teacher is Miss Mia Taylor.

Year 1 Teaching Assistant is Mrs June Size.

Helping Children with Writing Year 1 and 2

Walk Around Boxmoor

Year 1 went on a walk around Boxmoor to see what was in the local area. They made some notes on the things we found and also made a map of the route we took. We will be making maps next week in Topic.
Year 1 have been looking at The Three Little Pigs. We used the ipads to draw the house, used puppets to act out the story, built houses for some animals and did some writing about the story.
Year 1 went on a tree hunt around the school learning about leaves. We collected some that had fallen to the ground and did some leaf rubbing in art with them. We brought back some leaves not on our sheet to have a look at. We found loads of different leaves and even some that we had not seen before.

Autumn 2017 Curriculum newsletter for Parents

Children have been looking at and exploring the different equipment in Year 1.

Meet The Teacher Information

Here is the 'Meet The Teacher' powerpoint.