Thank you to all our Parents who attended the 'Meet the Teacher' events this week. We hope you found them informative.
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Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 4

Year 4 Staff


Our Year 4 teacher is Mrs Ashley Johnson.

Our Year 4 teaching assistant is Mrs Jill Brook.

Autumn 2017 Curriculum Newsletter for Parents

Meet Year 4!

Meet Year 4! 1

Year 4's School Councillors and Eco Councillors

Year 4's School Councillors and Eco Councillors 1 Matthew and Mollie, our School Councillors
Year 4's School Councillors and Eco Councillors 2 Olly and Lily, our Eco Councillors

Year 4 Technology Workshop

Cross Country Winners!

Cross Country Winners! 1 Year 4's top 4 girls
Cross Country Winners! 2 Year 4's top 3 boys
Cross Country Winners! 3 The overall winners of the competition!

Year 4 participated in a Taekwondo workshop and learned basic punches and kicks.

February 19th to 23rd was Feel Good Week. During the week we did lots of learning about our emotional, physical and mental well being. As part of the week we had an 'Angry Monsters' workshop which added to our learning about well being.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
On World Book Day, Thursday 1st March, students came dressed as a character from one of their favourite books.
On March 7th Year 4 went to Verulamium as part of our history learning about the Romans. We walked through the park and went to see the hypocaust and the London Gate. We also explored the museum where we saw lots of artefacts and took part in a learning session about what like was like in an ancient Roman town.

Year 3, 4 & 5 Easter Production of Porridge

This term Premier League Primary Stars coaches have been doing PE sessions with Year 3 and Year 4. Our final session was a joint session where groups of Year 3 and Year 4 children organised their own games using the skills they had been working on during the term. They ended their session by competing in mini football matches in house groups.
The children in Year 4 made absolutely fantastic hats for the Easter hat parade. Jacob won the prize for the best hat in Year 4.
On our trip to the Box Moor Trust we learned how to use a compass. We used a compass and a map to complete an orienteering course, which was lots of fun! In the afternoon we learned about different types of maps including aerial maps and ordnance survey maps. Before heading back to school, we used things found in nature to create our own maps.
We had a fantastic trip to Hatfield House! We met Thomas Tallis, one of Henry VIII's favourite musicians; Erasmus, the King's armourer; Katherine Parr and had an audience with Henry VIII. It was really lovely to travel back in time and learn some more information about the Tudors. We also learned about the Old Palace at Hatfield House and saw the sight of the oak tree that Elizabeth I was sat under when she received the news that she was Queen. We had a really lovely day!