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Achieving Success Together


Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 6

Year 6 Staff

Our Year 6 teachers are Mr Dave Edwards (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Chantal Breckell  (Thursday and Friday).

Our Year 6 Teaching Assistant is Mrs Natalie Satterthwaite

On Thursday 11th October the Dacorum Heritage Trust visited Year 6.  They carried out three activities with the children:  making a gas mask, investigating objects from World War II and discussing the contents of an evacuee's suitcase.  The photos show the children learning through and enjoying all the activities. 

Sequencing Key Story Events!

In Year 6, we have been reading and enjoying 'The Giant's Necklace', by Michael Morporgo. We worked as a team to recognise the key events within the story and place them on a chronological timeline that we created.


By understanding how to sequence key events, the structure of a text and chracter actions, we will be able to structure our own short stories, in a similar style!

Investigating Place Value!

Year 6 were challenged with some decoding, based on their knowledge of place value. They were given six numbers written in five different scripts and had to find the value of the different numbers. By analysing for patterns, differences and lengths of numbers, Year 6 were able to decode the scripts! Great job everyone. 


Robin Hood: A re-telling based on the classic oral tradition!

Planning to re-tell a medieval story

Planning to re-tell a medieval story 1
Planning to re-tell a medieval story 2
Planning to re-tell a medieval story 3
Planning to re-tell a medieval story 4
Planning to re-tell a medieval story 5

The 12 Labours of Hercules


For our Greece topic, we have been exploring the 12 Labours of Hercules. 


First, we looked at various texts explaining the various labours. We then explored various different interpretations of the labours caused by its origins as a spoken tale, rather than something that was written down. 


Then we wrote our own scripts, based on these texts, about one of the labours which we were assigned with by random draw! Finally, we got to perform the labours in front of the class, effectively re-telling the 12 Labours of Hercules.


This was lots of fun - well done year 6 on some super acting and scripting!

Book week - sharing our favourite books!

In Year 6, we have been learning about shapes and their properties. Having learnt about vertices, edges and faces, we moved on to look at nets of 3D shapes and the best way to draw them based on a 3D representation with precise measurements.


Everyone had a go at making nets, with some children able to create triangular based prisms, octahedrons and square based pyramids. Some valuable lessons were learned about laying out nets systematically and relating measurements to square centimetre paper, but everyone managed to produce some good 3D shapes!

D & T Work in progress: Creating our Anderson Shelters

Some of our surreal artwork (as inspired by Dali, Magritte and others!)

Learning about mindfulness with Mrs Turner!

RE: Exploring the Prayer Space!

Year 6: Science Afternoon!

Year 6 Representatives at the Robotics Event!

Year 6 Representatives at the Robotics Event! 1