Wishing all our families and children a very Happy Summer Break. School resumes for children on Monday 4th September at 8:45am.
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Achieving Success Together


Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 6

Year 6 Staff

Our Year 6 teachers are Mr Dave Edwards (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) and Mrs Ceri Twynam (Wednesday and Thursday).

Our Year 6 Teaching Assistants are Mrs Natalie Satterthwaite, Mrs Amy Beardsworth and Mr Brian Hanley.

Reports and assessment grades: avoiding confusion!

We are obliged to send you various different pieces of assessment information: to avoid confusion I have written this note to help. 

'Legal eagles': thank you our magistrates for taking the time to see us!

'Legal eagles': thank you our magistrates for taking the time to see us! 1 The 'trial' of Mrs Cross in full swing!

Some pictures of Year 6 performing the poem 'I wish for peace'

Our poetic interpretations!

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Enjoy some of Year 6s performances of a poem about war.

Poetic Interpretation!

Still image for this video

Poetic Interpretations!

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Year 6 Young Enterprise Project (YEP) ready with their stalls

Year 6 enjoying their Dissection lesson in Science

M.O.G.+ YEP Video

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Greek Murder Mystery - Solving the Death of Agathon!

Year 6 were presented with murder most foul! A murder had taken place in Ancient Greece and they were tasked with solving this puzzle.


Using a range of video and written clues, the teams battled with red herrings galore to locate the crucial information that lead to the murderer of the great warrior following his victory in the Olympic games.


Year 6 manged to located lots of clues and everyone came up with plausible and evidence based accusations. Well done everyone!

Well done Year 6 - SATs are completed! Information about SATs for parents is below.

Dancing workshop!

Lia enjoyed having lunch in Mrs Campos' office today with Rohan and Mia for her privilege. She said it was a special day as it was her favourite lunch too! Yummy pizza and chips! 

Year 6 have carried out a number of investigations as part of the whole school problem solving week. We looked at various relationships between area and perimeter, using apparatus, diagrams and numerical solutions. For example, can area and perimeter be equal, can you create a shape where the area is double the perimeter, can you create a shape where the perimeter increases but area decreases, etc.


The children showed great resilience in checking multiple different possibilities, despite the task proving to be far harder than they initially thought! Well done Year 6.

Inspired by pictures of various abandoned places (defined as buildings or areas once inhabited by people), the pupils of Year 6 applied their skills in sketching, shading, perspective and proportion to create their impressions of these haunting places. They did a great job - so much so that we've made them into calendars! Well done Year 6!

Our Decorations at St Johns!

Our Decorations at St Johns! 1

On December 14th, Year 6 went to St Johns church to hang up their decorations. Their ornaments are self styled, dedicated to a person of their choosing; they used fingerprints and gold decoration to create a 'heart' effect at the centre of their ornament. The children did a fine job on these decorations and behaved in an exemplary manner whilst hanging up their decorations on the tree. If you get the chance, please come along and see the tree in person!

Our Dioramas!

Thank you to our house captains who organised a Santa Dash across the entire school! Well done everyone!

Murder Mystery Maths!

In our Maths we've been solving a mystery!


Following a murder at the Overlook hotel, where 32 suspects had been staying, the Year 6 Maths detectives were called in to unravel a deadly web! Using code breaking, problem solving and algebra skills the children slowly managed to whittle down the suspect list, leading them to the murderer.


Everyone enjoyed challenging themselves with the various problems and, fortunately, they managed to correctly identify the criminal!


Good job Year 6!

Year 5 Beta Testing Our Games

Beta Testing


In our computing lessons, we have been learning to create our own games using a programming application called 'Scratch'. This allows us to create blocks of code which we can then run to trigger certain behaviours. For example, making a sprite move, jumping, bouncing off a barrier, restarting a level or progressing depending on levels of success.


The complexity of the code has got quite high. Year 6 were given a lesson to 'debug' their code where they looked to eliminate glitches that may negatively impact the function of the game or impinge on the players enjoyment.


Year 5 have very kindly 'beta tested' our finished game and provided really useful and positive feedback.


We are very proud of what we have achieved!

In Science and Technology week we have been exploring space (both on Earth and beyond!) as well as movement.


We explored some of the famous orbital pictures from various satellites (such as Mariner IV and the Viking Orbiter) that have been round Mars and photographed areas of land that include asteroid impact craters. Use our knowledge of measuring, scale and conversion we were able to calculate the diameters of these craters. We also discussed the importance of data to scientists and rigour that is needed to analyse it!


On Wednesday, we explored evolution through our trip to the Tring Natural History museum – we looked at how animals are adapted to their environment and how they have evolved over millennia.


For our technology, we have designed and built dioramas that had to have moving parts planned in. The concept was that animals in the rainforest will move in such spaces as are afforded them by the forest itself. As well as designing and fully planning our project, we had to think about suitable materials to ensure they are robust enough for repeated movements. We based our diorama designs on the work on Henri Rousseau’s ‘Surprised!’ picture.


Overall, Year 6 have had a great week being scientists and engineers!

Phonics and Paper Plane Creation with our Buddies!

In Maths, we have been investigating a 'deca' tree which has some very interesting properties. This challenged the children to explore their understanding of place value as well as their ability to represent data and steps in a systematic way. There were a number of creative and successful approaches, including some fantastic diagrams and tables. Have a look and see what you think! Well done Year 6. 

Autumn Term Newsletter

Year 6 have worked hard with their Maths investigations - learning about the relationships between fractions, decimals and proportion. Activities included organising decimal numbers on a spiral, a matching game and using algebra to explore sequences of fractions! Have a look at our pictures below!

The Reading Olympiad - instructions and book list


Every book you read over the summer will earn you points. Have a look at the challenges below – how will you do? Although the challenge is optional, why not give it a go?

2 Point Challenges

  • Read a book someone else has recommended
  • Recommend a book that someone else then reads
  • Discuss a book with someone else who has read it
  • Read a book to someone else (e.g. brother or sister)

3 Point Challenges

  • Learn a favourite poem by heart
  • Read a sequel to a book you’ve already read
  • Read a book from the Key Authors list
  • Read a book and watch the film that goes with it

5 Point Challenges

  • Read a book from the Top 20 booklist
  • Read your parent’s favourite childhood book

10 Point Challenge

  • Read a book from the Classics list

Award Levels

Bronze = 8

Silver = 15

Gold = 25