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Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2's Class page.


Year 2 Staff


Our Year 2 teacher is Miss Catherine Barnes.

Our Year 2 Teaching Assistants are Mrs Emma Mansbridge and Mrs Catherine Rose.


Helping Children with Writing Year 1 and 2

Autumn 2017 Curriculum Newsletter for Parents

Year 2 enjoy Forest School with Miss Turner every other Tuesday morning

 Autumn Topic - The Great Fire of London.


Monday 11th September.

Today we went on an autumn walk. On our way, we met a strange man, dressed in an old cloak, who was looking very puzzled. He told us he was searching for his cheese and asked us to help him find it! We found the cheese buried in the ground.

We wondered why he had buried the cheese and asked him lots of questions. The man told us his name was Samuel Pepys and he had buried his cheese in the garden to protect it from a terrible fire.

Year 2's visit to London for our Great fire of London topic.


On Thursday the 12th of October, Year 2 class visited London. We went to learn all about the Great Fire that took place in the year 1666, and how the people and London city recovered from such a great tragedy.

Firefighters visit year 2.

On Friday the 10th of November, year 2 had a visit from the fire brigade. They were here to show us how fast a fire could spread, by setting alight our model houses of London we had built for home learning. 

Autumn Literacy - Little Red Riding Hood.


Monday the 30th of October.

Our learning objective today was to know the story of the Little Red Riding Hood. We acted and retold the story of the little Red Riding Hood using a story 'Whoosh'. We took it in turns to play different roles. Afterwards, we role played the conversations between Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.



International Fortnight. 

International fortnight took place on the 9th of October, through to the 20th. Each class took inspiration from a different culture and presented a dance during a sharing assembly to the school. Year 2 did a wonderful dance called Jai Ho during there dance sessions for PE. Here is a small clip of our dance.

Year 2 Jai Ho dance.

Still image for this video

Year 2 target games.

 Our class went on a walking trip to Cavendish secondary school, to attend the year 2 target games event. We took part in several different events led by the year 9 students, and we had a great time trying lots of new and exciting activities.

Spring Term:

Thea the Huskey

On Friday the 12th of January 2018, Mrs Rose brought her huskey, Thea, in to visit year 2. We were able to find out about how she would be able to survive in a polar region, and how she has adapted to live in this country.


Year 2 Frozen landscape models.

We made models of a Norweigen fjord's for our frozen topic. We had to include features like mountains, cliffs, waterfalls and lakes.

Year 2 Sognefjord cruise.

On Thursday 1st of February, Year 2 role played flying on a plane to Norway. We studied maps to find out where Norway is located. Today, we sailed to the Sognefjord on a cruise ship. We looked through the port holes to see what the landscape was like and what landscape features we could see.

Well being week

19th-23rd Feb.

We had a company called Relax Kids, come in to school to give us a session on how to feel calm and relaxed. We had so much fun, and it was so relaxing to follow the exercises that we were set.

Polar bear art.

For our polar topics, in art we have been looking at painting polar bear faces using different blue tones of paint. Here is some of our work.

Year 2's end to the term: Easter bonnets.

We are incredibly impressed here in year 2, with the fabulous Easter bonnets you have produced this year. Well done, you should all be very proud, the staff loved them !

Year 2 Summer Term


Flower sculptures.


In art, Year 2 have been thinking about the way flowers grow and the way they look. We have been outside sketching some wild flowers within the school grounds, and also looking at some shop bought flowers too. We then moved on to create some flowers using different coloured paper. We shaped some petals and thought about adding leaves to stems. Once we got the hang of making the shapes, we moved on to using metal wires. These were a bit tricky, but we managed to make some beautiful flowers. Here are some pictures of our masterpieces.

Just so stories


This term, we have been looking at Just So stories by Rudyard Kipling, in which the stories pretend to explain animal characteristics, such as the origin of the spots on the leopard. The children have really enjoyed recreating their own versions of these stories, using their knowledge of African animals and previous knowledge of the stories we have read. Some of our children were confident enough to act out the stories in our recent class assembly. They all did a fantastic job and we enjoyed sharing all of our stories together. 

Year 2 Singing Festival 14.6.2018


This term, Year 2 were fortunate enough to be invited to take part in a singing festival at St Johns church in Boxmoor. This was organised by the Dacorum music service, enabling several Year 2 classes from different schools to participate in the event.