Wishing all our families and children a very Happy Summer Break. School resumes for children on Monday 4th September at 8:45am.
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Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 2

Year 2 Great Fire of London Day

On Friday 11th November, Year 2 took part in a Fire of London Day, to celebrate all of our learning we have done this term. We dressed up in seventeenth century clothes and acted in role as people living during 1666. First we explored what daily life was like for people living in London and we pretended to run or visit the Pudding Lane Bakery and other shops, like a chandlers and apothecary. We worked in a weaver's shop and wrote newspapers for the London chronicle. When the fire broke out, we role played working together to put out the flames.



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Autumn Term Newsletter

Year 2 Staff


Our Year 2 teacher is Miss Catherine Barnes

Our Year 2 TA is Mrs Emma Mansbridge


Year 1 and Year 2 had a tea party for the Queen on Friday afternoon. We sang Happy Birthday to her and made a toast to her. Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!!

Year 2 enjoy Forest School with Miss Turner every other Wednesday morning