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Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos


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Curriculum Content - What Children Are Taught

Internet Safety Day 2018


We are proud to be part of Internet Safety Day 2018; for a whole week, the theme of 'staying safe online' will be a key learning point throughout the school and will be highlighted in assemblies. This builds on the strong e-safety learning and support that we already offer students through the Herts For Learning Computing curriculum and through our PSHE lessons.


 The core message is:

"Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you"


From the UK Safer Internet Centre: 'Young people...feel passionately about their online community with almost four in five (78%) of those surveyed claiming to believe that every person on the internet has a responsibility to be respectful to others. Demonstrating empathy and support online, 88% said that when a friend was feeling sad or upset they had sent a kind message. More than half (54%) said they’d feel isolated if they couldn’t talk to their friends via technology. However, many young people also face bullying, exclusion and a range of pressures to maintain their friendships and popularity. Almost half (47%) of respondents said that people had excluded them online in the last year, with 60% thinking it is important for friends to include them in group chats. Almost three-quarters (73%), say it’s important for their friends to reply to their messages as soon as they’ve seen them. Still, many young people are rejecting these pressures with 35% saying that they do not feel they must use social media to be popular or liked.'

'With Safer Internet Day, the UK Safer Internet Centre is working with hundreds of other organisations to encourage more conversations at school and at home about young people’s online lives and how their actions online can affect relationships, empowering young people to use digital technology wisely. Schools across the UK will be using the UK Safer Internet Centre’s Education Packs and Safer Internet Day TV films to explore these issues...'


More information can be found here 

E-Safety and Cyberbullying Event

We learnt about how bullying can be subtle and happen unexpectedly at different times and different ways. Here we looked at someone who decided to take revenge on someone he felt was a bully. In the end, through his misuse of technology and social media, he ended up becoming the bully and was shocked when he realised what had happened.


This energetic session gave us lots of ideas and much to reflect on, as well as providing a number of useful tips to stay safe online and support our friends.


There was a specific session run for the younger children, with the older children in the school (Years 4, 5, 6) having a session later in the afternoon.