Wishing all our children and their families a very Happy Half Term break. Look forward to seeing you at 8:45am on Monday 4th November. Please be careful if you are taking part in any Halloween celebrations this week.
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Achieving Success Together


Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Who’s Who


Vicky Campos



Dave Edwards

Deputy Headteacher

Y6 (Mon/Tues/Fri)

Ceri Twynam Teacher           Y6 (Weds/Thurs)

Emma Argiolas

Teacher/ SENCO

Y5 (Mon/Tue/Weds/Thurs am)

Chantal Breckell Teacher           Y4 (Mon/ Tues/Thurs/Fri)


              Y4 (Weds) PPA Cover

Emily Hobson


Catherine Barnes Teacher / KS2 Lead             Y2
Mia Taylor Teacher             Reception

Esther Morrison


Year 1

Lucy Daviss Teacher EYFS Stage Lead             Nursery
Katie Smart Teacher           PPA Cover

Tracy Turner


PPA Cover/Forest School

Victoria Martyn Teacher Y5 (Thurs PM/ Fri)


Teaching Assistants and Ancillary Staff

Avril Alexander Nursery Teaching Assistant

Lisa Long

Nursery Teaching Assistant
Sarah Durrant Teaching Assistant

Jill Brook

Teaching Assistant

Barbara Bushby

Teaching Assistant

Elena Greaves

Teaching Assistant

Emma Mansbridge

Teaching Assistant

Natalie Satterthwaite

Teaching Assistant

June Size

Teaching Assistant

Michelle Flack Teaching Assistant
Catherine Rose SEND Teaching Assistant

Elaine Morrissey

Office Manager

Michelle Diggin

Administrative Assistant

Jane Doona Receptionist

Darren Wise


Claire Jelfs Teaching Assistant (casual)
Tracey Crockett Teaching Assistant (casual)
Kay Potton Teaching Assistant (casual)
Lorraine Harrop Teaching Assistant


Lunch Time Staff

Michelle Diggin

Senior Mid-day Supervisor

Jill Brook

Mid-day Supervisor

Mandy Morrissey

Mid-day Supervisor

Denise Murray

Mid-day Supervisor

June Size

Mid-day Supervisor

Louise Withers

Mid-day Supervisor

Gemma Wittrick Mid-day Supervisor
Lorraine Harrop Mid-day Supervisor
Kay Potton Mid-day Supervisor


Kitchen Staff

Nicky Seaton

Cook Manager


Road Crossing Patrol

Glenn Clayton