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Achieving Success Together


Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 5

Dear Year 5,


Well done, we have had a great first half term.  We are very proud with how well you have slotted into Year 5 and how you have adapted to the new routines. 

I have added a long list of books which you might like to read outside of school.  These books have been recommended for Year 5 and 6.



Year 5 and 6 reading list.

Hi Year 5,


We are in week 6 of lock down.  I really hope you are all doing okay and are managing to speak to your friends and family.    It can seem challenging at times to keep motivated but keep going.  Remember learning is all about doing the best you can and feeling proud of yourself.  Give yourself little rewards when you complete a good piece of work. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon and can't wait to fill the classroom up with all your wonderful work. 


Take Care, 


Mrs Argiolas. 

Dear Year 5,


We hope you are all doing well. 


Please click the link and have a go at the quiz we have set you.  Attached is the first round. Good Luck!


Mrs Argiolas, Ms Martyn and Mrs Mansbridge. 

Round one

Answers to Round One, Picture Round

Answers to Round Two, Riddles:


A coin has a head and tail but no body.

A coat of paint is always wet when you first put it on.

A man rode a horse called Tuesday into town and rode him back again two days later on a Tuesday. 

I T is how you spell it.

A pack of playing cards has thirteen hearts but no other organs.  


How did you do?  

Answers to Round 3 Sports Trivia


  1. In which sport do teams compete to win the Stanley Cup? Ice Hockey NHL
  2. Who is the last non-British, non-German Formula 1 driver to win the World Driver’s title? Kimi Raikkonen
  3. Which famous football manager once said: “I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business.  But I was the top one”? Brian Clough
  4. Which course is The Masters golf tournament held? Augusta
  5. How many points did Liverpool record in the 2019/20 Premier League season before football was postponed? 82 points

If you are bored have a go at some of the activities below. Take care.

Dear Year 5,


We are missing you all and can't help thinking back to Wild Child.  We have added the photos, and you all look great in them.  We still can't believe how many of you did the caving and the high ropes - so brave!  


Our weeks are going slow without you lot, as you bring so much energy to our day.  We hope you are all keeping in touch with each other and enjoying the work that has been set by Mr Edwards.  


Don't forget to complete the grid that was sent out as well.  We will add another grid after Easter with some more fun activities.  We are not expecting you to do too much over the Easter holidays, however we know these times can be boring, so we will give you some craft ideas next week.   


Keep an eye on this page.


We really hope you are all well.



What is the best way to make Easter easier? 

How does Easter end?

What should you do to prepare for the Easter treats? 

What kind of jewellery is the best Easter gift? 

What is the Easter bunny's best kind of music? 

Answers next week.


From Mrs Argiolas, Mrs Martyn and Mrs Mansbridge. 

Joke answers 


1. What is the best way to make Easter easier?

A. Replace t with i.


2. How does Easter end?

A. With an r.


3. What should you do to prepare for Easter?

A. Egg-ercise.


4. What kind of jewellery is the best kind of gift?

A. A 14 carrot gold necklace.


5. What is the Easter bunnies favourite type of music?

A. Hip Hop

Year 5 2019/2020


The class teachers are:

Mrs Argiolas and Ms Martyn.  The teaching assistant is Mrs Mansbridge.


Year 5 have had an exciting year. Sadly, recent changes have meant that schools will be closed for quite some time. We look forward to welcoming you back soon, and we miss you very much.