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Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 3

Year 3 Staff


Our Year 3 teacher is Dr Hobson.

Our Year 3 Teaching Assistants are Mrs Barbara Bushby and Mrs Harrop 


2019 - 2020 : Year 3! 

Year 3 & 4 spelling words for homework

History Mystery day.

Today was an exciting day for Year 3 and the other classes here at Boxmoor. Today was History Mystery day. The day was full of learning and exciting challenges for the children to participate in. We can honestly say the day was enjoyed by all, and the kids really loved every minute.

Change for life festival at The Laureate Academy, Cavendish.

The children took part in a fantastic event based at Cavendish school. This was a series of PE activities that had been curated by some of the secondary students for the local primary schools in the Dacorum Borough. Boxmoor's year 3 took part and had a great time testing their skills with each of the activites.


This week, we had been looking at estimations using number lines. The children were given long pieces of paper to create their own number lines. We then took a look at where we would estimate a number would go on our lines.

Autumn term tennis lessons

This term, year 2 have been lucky enough to have a tennis coach come to school and teach the children tennis during one of there weekly P.E lessons. The children are really enjoying having the coach teach them some new skills.


In History this week, we have been looking at archaeologists.  We set up a trail of artefacts around the woodland area for the children to find. They had great fun finding some caveman tools and some cave man clothes.



Our Art sessions this term have also been linked in to our Stone age topic. The children had at great time recreating some stone age art while lying under the tables. They made some fantastic artwork and really thought about the designs that may have been used in those ages.


We have been looking at mental maths this week. A mental maths treasure hunt was organised throughout the classroom. The children had to go around and see if they could answer as many mental maths problems as possible. 

ICT - Computing

In ICT we have been looking at databases. We have thought about what a database is used for and what information it could hold. We have then been looking at creating an alien character to use in branching databases. We created a branching database using questions with yes or no answers. 

Forest school

In forest school we looked at making our own stone age tools that we may have been able to use during the stone age period. We went on a search for rocks and sticks and twigs that we could use to help make our tools strong. We used string and twine to hold them together.

Autumn term 2



In literacy this half term, we have been looking at reports and news writing. The children have been learning a variation of new literacy skills, like building sentences with conjunctions and creating our very own newspaper reports. We have looked at reports such as Ross Edgley swimming around Great Britain, The story of the 3 little pigs from the Big Bad Wolfs perspective and then rounding up to a fantastic topic of the Iron Man written by Ted Hughes. The children have really enjoyed becoming journalists and have had a great time exploring lots of different interpretations of the same story.



In maths we have been looking at formal methods and bar models. Year 3 have done really well with these different topics, giving their all and giving everything ago even if it may of got tricky sometimes.


Our science topic for part of this half term had been looking at rocks and soils. We had been identifying  the different types of rocks, where we would find them and what they would be used for. We had also looked at different types of soils and conducted a few tests to see what types would be better for growing things and draining water. The children had a great time doing these experiments and were very interested by the results we collected.

We then moved on to forces. We had so much fun playing with magnets for this topic. We investigated around different areas of the school to find what things were magnetic. We conducted investigations in the classroom using paperclips and 5 different types of magnets to see which had the greatest magnetic force. We finished this topic up with making our own compasses, which we put in to a bowl of water and watched them navigate themselves naturally to north. This was a wonderful way to finish up our science topic in the autumn term.


Prayer Space

We were fortunate enough to of had a prayer space created in the hall by Miss Turner and Mrs Argiolas for mindfullness. This was a great way for our children to take a break and connect with how they may be feeling or sharing their feelings with their friends. They were able to think about other people around the world that may be in a less fortunate position then us, and really try to understand how they must be feeling. 


In our ICT lessons we have been continuing to look at databases. The children have had tasks to collect their peers information, for example height, eye colour and hair colour. We then made our own top trump cards to hold all of our individual information. After this the children had to set up a database using excel on the computer to input all the information gathered. 

Art and DT

We have had an exciting half term with our Art and DT lessons.  We have planned and made 2 wonderful life sized Iron man sculptures, and also planned and created some wonderful Christmas stockings for our children to bring home and share with their families. 


To end a wonderfully jam packed term, we had the pleasure of listening to the orchestra. We are lucky to have some of the wonderful musicians in our own class, so it was a real treat to listen to them perform and excel with their solo's and duets. We are very proud of all that took part and cannot wait to hear them all grow more with their music in the future.

End of term party

To top it all of, the class enjoyed a shared Year 3 and 4 christmas party. We danced the afternoon away and played some fantastic games.

As a class we would just like  to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to enjoy all the festivities over this wonderful holiday. We shall see you all in 2019!