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Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 2


Here is an outline of our usual daily timetable. 

9.00 Spelling / Phonics
9.20 GO NOODLE - exercise break (available on You Tube)
9.30 Maths
10.30 Break
10.45 Snack/ reading or story
11.00 Literacy
12.00 Lunch
1.00 First afternoon lesson e.g. Science, History, Art etc.
2.00 Break/ Daily mile/ GO NOODLE?
2.15 Second afternoon lesson
3.00 Tidy away/ story

Useful website's for extra learning.


Here are some websites that your children can access at home to help with extra learning support.


Twinkl - download activities/ resources for free at the moment

Welcome to Year 2's Class page.


Year 2 Staff


Our Year 2 teacher is: Miss Catherine Barnes.

Our Year 2 Teaching Assistants are: Mrs Dominique Wollington and Mrs Catt Rose



Forest School July 2020 - Nature Mobiles

Autumn Term : The Great Fire of London


This term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. The children have been enjoying this topic very much. We have been role playing different scenarios that may have taken place on the day of the Great Fire, and have tried to understand how it must have felt to have escaped London at that scary time. 

We Had taken a trip in to London to meet a Tour guide who helped the children to explore the areas where the fire took place. We also got to see where Thomas Farriner's bakery once stood, creating an exciting buzz throughout the children knowing this was where the fire had originally started.

Well being week 2020


The whole school took part in a well being week that had been organised for us by our SENCO Mrs Argiolas. The children had the time to reflect on things that make them happy and things that may make them sad. They were able to write kind messages to others and spend some time building each other up. Our children in year 2 really enjoyed being able to express how they feel in a lot of different ways, and they also enjoyed the activities that were laid out for them to take part in.

Year 2 Well being week 2020

Spring Term: Polar Topic.


This term we have been learning about all things Arctic. We have been looking at animals that may live in these areas and how they are adapted to the freezing cold weathers. We have been focusing closely on the Polar bears and their way of life in the wild. We have looked at where they live, what they eat, how long they can swim and how long they can go without eating.

Our children have really enjoyed creating information booklets on polar bears, drawing winter scenes in art and even going on an exciting Polar Bear hunt, to try and find a real one out in the wild.