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Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 6

Year 6 Staff

Our Year 6 teachers are Mr Dave Edwards (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) and Mrs Ceri Twynam (Wednesday and Thursday).

Our Year 6 Teaching Assistant is Mrs Jill Brook

Meet the Teacher

Science Investigation!

In Science, we discussed Polar Explorers and some of the challenges they faced. One big problem it's thought they struggled with was scurvy, a potentially deadly illness caused by a lack of vitamin C in a diet. 


We decided to test what fruits have the most vitamin C. We used a solution called DCPip as an indicator for vitamin C. We squeezed lime, orange and lemon into a beaker, then we used pipette to drip into a cylinder containing DCPip. After each drop, we shook the solution.


Once the solution went clear, we stopped shaking and recorded our results. We repeated this test 3 times to make sure the test was reliable and the results could be trusted.


Great fun was had by all in this experiment and year 6 learnt alot about how to run a fair test and how analyse results, whilst relating it to real world events.


A big thanks to Sarah, from polar explorers, who ran this session for us!

Using Brackets to Order Operations in Maths

Design and Technology Project


We have now completed our Anderson Shelters for our Design and Technology. 


We are very proud of the final results: it was a very full day of hard work, creativity and, for a few pupils, a false start or two! In the end, we got there and could not be happier with the outcomes!


The design process started some weeks ago, the children started by researching the history of Anderson Shelters in the context of their use during the blitz. They learnt lots about them but, particularly in relation to our Design and Technology, they found out about material and design choices. After that, the children created diagrams that were fully labelled and measured - these allowed them to think ahead about how the final project would look. Finally, after a couple of weeks collecting material, Year 6 built these fabulous shelters.


Well done everyone - great job!

D&T Day: Making our Anderson Shelters!

On Thursday 11th October the Dacorum Heritage Trust visited Year 6.  They carried out three activities with the children:  making a gas mask, investigating objects from World War II and discussing the contents of an evacuee's suitcase.  The photos show the children learning through and enjoying all the activities. 

Sequencing Key Story Events!

In Year 6, we have been reading and enjoying 'The Giant's Necklace', by Michael Morporgo. We worked as a team to recognise the key events within the story and place them on a chronological timeline that we created.


By understanding how to sequence key events, the structure of a text and chracter actions, we will be able to structure our own short stories, in a similar style!

Investigating Place Value!

Year 6 were challenged with some decoding, based on their knowledge of place value. They were given six numbers written in five different scripts and had to find the value of the different numbers. By analysing for patterns, differences and lengths of numbers, Year 6 were able to decode the scripts! Great job everyone.