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Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Year 6

Year 6 Staff

Our Year 6 teachers are Mr Dave Edwards (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) and Mrs Ceri Twynam (Wednesday and Thursday).

Our Year 6 Teaching Assistant is Mrs Dominique Wollington

Welcome back!


We are delighted to be back for the new academic year - it has been lovely to see the children back, with smiles on their faces, ready to learn and have a fantastic year!

Forest School - nature mobiles

Coding on Chromebooks!

Coding on Chromebooks in Year 6


We have continued to look at coding in Scratch - specifically we were looking a creating a maze game. This involved:

Creating a sprite that could move in four directions

A start/ finish that triggered a response from the sprite

A hazardous maze that sent you back to the start if you make a mistake

A well-designed background to engage the player in the maze


Year 6 made a good effort at this, with some of our more confident children beginning to look at creating moving hazards!


Well done Year 6!

Greek Myths and Top Trumps!

Top Trumps & Greek Myths


Our topic this term is Ancient Greece. As part of that, we have been learning about some of the mythical creatures that they told stories about. We learnt about how the Greeks like to combine different parts of animals together to form a new creature, like a Minotaur, a Griffin, etc.


We then drew out these creatures onto top trump style cards. We used careful observation, sketching technique and varied types of shading, including cross-hatching.


Once this was done, it was time to play: there was plenty of friendly competition and the final cards looked quite striking.


Well done Year 6!

Christmas decorations at St Johns!

Our Anderson Shelters! (pictures below!)


It has been a long road to getting out Anderson Shelter models built.


Firstly, Year 6 had to research the historical context of the shelters use, as well as find out about the materials and design principles. Following that, they drew up detailed schematics and plans for the building process. Finally, they have been able to build our models - it took a whole day, but the exercise has been well worth it. We are very impressed with the build quality, as well as the authentic touches, like gardens on the roof and bombs falling into gardens! Well done Year 6!

Anderson Shelters - In process and finished versions!

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