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Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Growth Mindset and Building Learning Power

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What is Growth Mindset?

Building Learning Powers

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What is BLP?
•BLP is Building Learning Power
•Helping children to become more effective and independent learners
•There are four elements


•Questioning – Getting below the surface; being curious.
•Making Links – seeking coherence, relevance and meaning.
•Imagining – Using the mind’s eye as a learning theatre.
•Reasoning – thinking rigorously and methodically.
•Capitalising – making good use of resources.


•Absorption – The pleasure of being rapt in learning….awe and wonder!
•Managing Distractions – recognising and reducing interruptions.
•Noticing – really sensing what’s out there.
•Perseverance – stickability; tolerating the feelings of learning.


•Planning – working learning out in advance
•Revising – monitoring and adapting along the way.
•Distilling – drawing out the lessons from experience
•Meta - learning – understanding learning and yourself as a learner.


•Interdependence – balancing self-reliance and sociability.
•Collaboration – the skills of learning with each other.
•Empathy and listening – getting inside others’ minds.
•Imitation – picking up others’ habits and values