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Achieving Success Together


Headteacher: Mrs V. Campos

Governors' Meetings Attendance

Governors' Meetings Academic Year 2021-2022


Governor NameFGB  13/09/21IC  18/10/21RC 18/10/21FGB 13/12/21IC 31/01/22RC 31/01/22FGB 28/03/22IC 23/05/21RC 23/05/21FGB 11/07/21
Vicky CamposPresent         
Dave EdwardsPresent         
Esther MorrisonPresent         
Eleanor BevanApologies         
Howard FountainPresent         
Jonathan BeeversPresent         
Jon FordPresent         
James MitchellPresent         
Nicola GoodyearPresent         
Rick FreedmanAbsent         
Rosy Whiting Present         


FGB - Full Governing Body

IC - Improvement Committee

RC - Resources Committee